• UV sterilizer + Stainless Strw Set
  • 3Pcs Set
  • Magnetic straw system
  • Compact & Detachable design
    PENNA straws have been noted for 4 pieces of short stainless steel straws, making them easy to carry. It is designed to be detachable in order to increase the portability of the multi-use straw that should always be carried. At the end of the separate piece of straw, a strong magnet is applied for quick assembly and use.
  • Easy Cleaning
    Difficult washing method of conventional stainless straw How to clean the straws with the brushes in the case    The Penna straw special case is equipped with UV light for sterilization. This feature eliminates 99.9% of invisible bacteria that are not sterilized by washing.   Penna Straw was created after a year of research and development.     
    Take Penna straw easily with the storage case.              

Penna Straw Triple pack

  • Penna Straw - The Portable Straw With UV sterilization System. No plastic. No wastage. No germs

    <How it  Works>

    1.Pull the straw out of the case

    2. Use the Straw

    3.Combining 4 Pieces



    Put the straw in the case

    Put water in the case

    Block the water hole with your finger and shake

    Take your finger off and let water flow